Livestock and Animal Health Services

RM Jones Agricultural Chemists are one of the leading Agricultural Pharmacies in the UK.

Utilising our own in-house knowledge and expertise as well as having access to all the major animal health companies and wholesalers, we specialise in the supply and advise on best use of veterinary medicines & nutritional supplements.

Our qualified team can:

  • prescribe & dispense a wide range of veterinary medicines
  • dispense prescriptions from your vet
  • advise on animal nutrition
  • provide a forage & soil analysis service to establish the true mineral & trace element status of your farm

We have formulated our own range of SuperStock mineral & feed buckets specifically to suit Herefordshire & the Welsh Border counties. We analysed hundreds of forage & soil samples taken in this area to come up with a range of buckets to balance the deficiencies we have in our soil – and to help your Stock to Thrive.

R M Jones are members of Downland – a national network of animal health distributors who work together to source the best products in the UK at very competitive prices.

We stock a wide range of animal medicines & feeds including Wormers, Vaccines, Pour Ons, Lamb Milk, Calf Milk, Cobalt and Selenium supplements, Horse Feed and Layers Pellets as well as treatments for Fluke, Lice, Nematodirus, Coccidiosis, Fly Strike and Sheep Scab amongst many.

We stock many of the major brands such as BOCM, Frontline, Crystalyx and Farmgate.

To find out more about our livestock and animal health services, please visit one of our Farmcentres or phone or email us.

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