Disease Threat to Cereals

Worst Septoria disease pressure for 12 years
We are starting to see signs of  Septoria disease in wheat
A timely T2 fungicide is vital

The recent heavy rain will increase the risk of wet weather diseases in crops of Wheat & Barley
In Hay on Wye we have had 215ml ( 8.6ins) of rain in April & 100ml (4 ins) so far in May- what a difference from last year!

Diseases such as Septoria in Wheat & Rhynchosporium in Barley are real Yield Robbers -  and can make the  difference between Profit & Loss in your Fields
We have some exciting chemistry which can increase yields by 0.45T/Ha over standard treatments in a dry year.
In a wet year we think they will perform even better

Talk to our Agronomists now about actions to take to safeguard the Yield and Quality of your Crops

2012 is the year to "Go for Yield" and take Advantage of the High Cereal Prices

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