Rats really are Dangerous!

Rats carry over 45 different diseases

ie. Salmonella / Typhoid / Dysentry etc TO MAN ie. Aujeskys disease / Foot and mouth / Brucellosis TO ANIMALS

50% of rats carry pathogens in their urine ...

One rat leaves 25,000 droppings per year 

One pair of rats can produce a colony of 2,000 in a year 

A group of rats is called a mischief 

Nearly 50% of all farm fires caused by rodents!

Rodents cause over £25 Million damage each year on farms 

The last major foot and mouth epidemic in the United Kingdom occurred in 2001. The total costs arising from this outbreak have been put at no less than £9 billion.It is well documented by DEFRA that one of the causes for the spread from farm to farm at the beginning was due to rats - feeding on contaminated carcasses

 Egg laying production and meat production can be seriously effected.

Meat carcasses can be rejected.

Harvest on arable farms can be contaminated 

Get your farm rat control action plan in place now for winter !!


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