Arable Update

Oilseed Rape - check for Phoma leaf spot every week. 

Winter Wheat - most forward crops are starting to tiller. As with the Oilseed Rape crops theses should be monitored closely for signs of slug damage and activity, particularly in higher risk situations behind Oilseed Rape and on heavier soils.


Use the Metaldehyde based pellets responsibly, applying the same level of care and precision as with any other pesticide. Remember the stewardship guidelines, advising on a maximum individual dose of 250gm active/ha per application (Metarex Amba at 6kg or Pesta H at 8kg/ha) and a maximum total dose of 700gm active/ha per calendar year.


Get in touch with your agronomist or call the Farmcentre for any further advice.

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