Stressed Maize Crops?

Many Maize crops are looking a bit stressed due to lack of rain. Maize has a poor root system especially when the plants are small. This makes any drought stress even worse because small roots cannot reach the nutrients in the soil very easily.
Maize is very susceptible to Phosporus & Zinc deficiency and we are seeing signs of these deficiencies in crops now.

We recommend applying Nutri-Phyte PGA.
Nutri-Phyte delivers Phosphorus to the growing points of the Maize plant. This increases root mass which will maximise root function & nutrient utilisation.
Nutri-Phyte also contains Zinc & Manganese.
Yield increases of 3 tonnes/Ha Dry Matter increase have been recorded from 2 applications
In drought conditions yield increases may be even higher.
Nutri-Phyte costs about £5.44 per acre
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