Scabivax shortage - what should I do?

Scabivax Shortage – what are the alternatives for Orf?

Vaccination is the best way to manage Orf, but in the absence of vaccine the best options are: 

Improve skin condition/boost immune system
 – high Zinc & Selenium in Ewe & Lamb buckets

     Zintec 3:1 buckets 

Use an astringent salve, Nettex Orph paste 

Reduce any trauma – such as lambs getting knocked about at creep feeders (use feed buckets instead), handling systems, gates

Avoid overcrowding 

Control thistles – as scratches around the mouth spread the disease 

Good hygiene – orphan lambs can be infected through feeding bottle teats

Use Blitz disinfectant 

Oxytetracycline aerosols to avoid secondary infections in infected lambs 

Homeopathic preparations, some farmers swear by them but there is no independent evidence that they work 

And take care not to catch it yourself – wear gloves & cover any scratches!

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