Why Ewes need Looking after

Ewes need Opti-lix High energy blocks

Late summer/ autumn grazing alone may not be able to provide all that is required, even when grass growth conditions have been favourable, for ewes to maintain and/or gain body condition on the approach to tupping.


·        As grass quality starts to drop throughout the season, supplementation may be required to balance energy, protein and provide essential minerals, vitamins and trace elements, in particular zinc, cobalt and selenium.


·       Grazed grass at this time of year will be low in sugar but high in rumen degradable protein. To ensure animals can make use of this protein a sugar source in the diet is essential (protein not able to be utilised will need to be processed and excreted at an energy cost to the ewe).


·       This year in particular, the warm dry spring left most farms short of grazing early on which may have affected ewe body condition now as they approach tupping.


·       Although very little growth of the lambs will occur during the mid-pregnancy period, the foetal membrane, including the placenta which is essential for providing oxygen and essential nutrients to the growing lambs, will develop at this time. If nutrition is compromised during mid-pregnancy, then placental size can be small and a reduced supply of nutrients and oxygen will be available to the unborn lambs, often resulting in the birth of weak, unviable lambs


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