Sheep condition in Hot Weather

After a brutal winter and very delayed spring, ewes are not, in general, in their ideal state. This is now compounded by punishing heat , grass supply is dwindling with little sign of aftermath grazing. Ewes are too busy seeking shade rather than grazing where grass is available.

It seems the best course of action is to get lambs weaned as soon as possible and then consider supplementation.

The AHDB suggest as below that it can take 6 to 8 weeks to add one unit of condition score with GOOD quality grass. If Sheep farmers do not take action now they may find conception rates compromised in the Autumn.

Lambs are going to need help as well, the sooner they are off the farm the better for the ewes. Cobalt is always the driver for lamb finishing but this year Crystalyx or SuperStock Lamb finisher maybe needed as well.

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