Farmer conference January 25

Sowing the Seeds for a Successful Future

In 2017 R.M.Jones will be holding its first farmer conference. With the current uncertainty in the UK surrounding BREXIT, increasing legislation, volatile farmgate prices and evolving disease and weed threats we thought it would be a good opportunity to ask some of the movers and shakers in the industry to paint a picture of what the future could look like.

Our five speakers come from commercial, financial, scientific and veterinary backgrounds and are all involved in agriculture whether farming directly or supporting the farming industry. 

Stephen Briggs from the Innovation for Agriculture, will be
talking through practical soil management and how we can get more from our soil but at the same time protect it and prevent it washing away down the Wye. 

Mike Gooding
is a Trustee of FIT, a farming company in Oxfordshire that has links worldwide with processing and retailing of livestock products. The scope of Mikes talk is what the UK livestock farming is going to look like in the future and how we
can seize the opportunities that presents. 

Practical soil management and how we achieve the best from our crops is the topic that David Felce, a LEAF farmer, agronomist and advisor from Bedfordshire will be talking through. David provides agronomy support for several thousand acres in East Anglia and the East Midlands. 

Ruth Clements is Head of Veterinary programmes for the Benchmark group and a founding director of FAI farms. Ruth will be guiding us through the lameness 5 Point Plan, an industry led development to reduce sheep lameness to under 2% of the national flock. 

Our last speaker Euryn Jones, is the Regional Director with a major bank for Wales and the South West.
BREXIT is a big & evolving subject - Euryn will paint a picture of what a post BREXIT world for UK agriculture will look like

Hereford Racecourse Wednesday 25 January - please phone
for an invitation


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