Clostridial Bloat

This is not a new disease and has caused problems with pigs and poultry for many years but we have seen 2-3 cases every year in calves. It is caused by Clostridium Perfringens which causes ulcers in the stomach of the calves.

Like all Clostridial diseases there are usually contributory factors (stress, other disease, change in diet, poor colostrum) and it is very sporadic so it is difficult to make any real recommendations.

We feel the following may help to eliminate any possibility of cases occurring

Vaccinating with 10:1 vaccine

Good colostrum management and feeding some colostrum or transition milk for up to 10 days of age.

If changing from a whey cmr to a skim based cmr change over 4 days (25:75,50:50, 75:25, 100%).

Increasing milk feeding slowly in calves under two weeks old.

Fresh clean water available at all times.

Clean feeding utensils, feeders and bedding.





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