2015 Guiness World Record Wheat Yield

16.52 t/ha
(6.69t/acre) with yields recorded up to 22 t/ha in areas.


Variety Dickens treated with fluquinconazole and Takeoff

T0 – Vareon + CTL

T1 – Boogie

T1.5 – Rover

T2 – Brutus + Imtrex + Opera

T3 – Kestrel + CTL

Total fungicide Cost     £165/ha

Plus an additional £30/ha investment in foliar nutrition

Cost of production £45 per tonne

Yield x lower prices work

As farmers and agronomists growing crops we are investment brokers and there is a need to balance investment with return. The above information shows this and even in an exceptionally good growing year the extra investment resulted in extra yield and more importantly profit.

With an excessively wet and mild winter, disease levels in our crops are already high. Yellow rust and septoria is already visible in crops of winter wheat and early treatment is a must to get it under control as soon as possible. It has been well documented that in seasons such as this T0 applications can increase yields by up to 0.5 tonnes per acre.
At R.M. Jones we are lucky to have access to the wide range of trials data recorded by Agrii who have over 50,000 plots and 260 replicated trials. With the information gathered from this we are able to offer you the very best advice. After all it is Agrii data and advice that led to the record set above!

With forward crops, Nitrogen timings and application rates will need to be adjusted accordingly

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