Save on Feeding Costs this Winter

With cereals again at less than £100 per tonne, it makes sense to feed them back to your stock…

Home-mixing offers a number advantages over purchased compound feeds, not least basic economics.

With the price of barley ex-farm currently as low as £95-100/tonne, feeding your own cereals is an extremely cost-effective practice even after labour and mixing costs. When you consider home-mixing also offers you total control over ration ingredients, quality and freshness too, the argument is pretty compelling.

On average, a 10% Superstock + 90% cereal mix produces a 12.8ME, 14.5% protein ration. For a higher protein (17.8%) finished ration, use more Superstock protein in the mix as is required. The resulting mixes are highly palatable, dust free and fully mineralised. Superstock is particularly effective in mixes containing whole grain cereals for ewes where the high molasses content helps to eliminate de-mixing of smaller particles such as minerals

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