Lambing Time reminders

Average lambing mortality in the UK is 15%

In a 500 ewe lowland flock where 900 lambs are born (180%), the 135 lambs that die represent a potential loss of £8,100 income (at £60.00 each)


How can this be reduced?


The target should be 5% lambing mortality or less.

Unlike us humans, no immunity is passed from the ewe to the lamb before birth. So newborn lambs are born completely vulnerable to disease – which is why so many of them die.

The two critical factors in reducing this disease risk are disinfection & colostrum.




Lysan Dry granular disinfectant is ideal for lambing sheds & pens

· Very safe to operators & animals when sprinkled on to bedding

· Exceptional & powerful drying capacity – 1kg Lysan Dry has the equivalent capacity of 16kg of lime

· Broad spectrum – bacteria, virus & fungi                                                                                                         




A stomachful of colostrum within 6 hours birth makes the difference between life and death for lambs. It is their only source of disease resistance.

Colostrum provides energy to protect the lamb from cold and immunoglobulins (antibodies) to help resistance to some diseases (including watery mouth)

We have a good range of colostrums that mix easily and provide lambs with this vital lifeline.


Lambing Accessories

Make sure your Lambing First Aid kit is well stocked this year – speak to us or call in for good advice and the best products to fill it.

After all – saving lambs has never been more important. 

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