Looking after your Ewes

  The condition of Ewes has remained high as we move into what could be the mildest autumn on record (rainfall in September was the lowest recorded since records began).  As October now marks a clear weather change back to the colder and wetter times we are used to, with this, the extended period of quality grass growth we have experienced of late is more than likely set to end.  As the quality and palatability of grass changes with the weather, the subsequent nutritional value is also affected, further consideration to the maintenance of optimum nutrition for pregnant Ewes is therefore paramount.


Optigain provides ewes with key vitamins and trace elements required for optimal condition and will also help support good lamb foetus growth. Optigain is aimed at assisting performance and optimising immune status via a unique combination of natural Vitamin E, Selenium and a full complement of nutrients required to help support on-going performance in:

-        Ewes

-        Rams

-        Lambs  


Natural Vitamin E is readily absorbed and retained longer than its synthetic equivalents; benefits can be seen in both ewes and lambs as vitamin E status is improved via this more biologically active form. Natural Vitamin E will transfer into colostrum and pre-natal lambs, therefore benefitting ewes, rams and lambs alike.


Optigain is nutritionally balanced, designed to assist with:

·        Performance

·        Production

·        Fertility

·        Reducing incidence of disease challenge for ewes and rams


Optigain is specifically formulated to provide a range of:

·        Bio-available vitamins and trace elements

·        Natural antioxidants

·        Natural sources of Vitamin E


These are all key in helping the individual sheep develop a strong immune system, giving your entire flock the best possible breeding season.


Optigain is available with or without Copper.


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