Benefits of Optigain

Reaching New Heights with Optigain Nutritional Supplements From Downland

Standing at the foot of Dartmoor prison wall at 1400ft, Neil Cole’s historic farm is within one of the highest and most challenging areas of Dartmoor. Neil, multiple winner in 2014’s Devon County Show for his Bluefaced Leicester Sheep and achiever of Top Price and overall champion in 2013 at the Tavistock sale for his Blueface Leicester’s puts these gains down to his proactive approach to management and nutrition. Neil says, “Using Optigain from our local Downland merchant allows me to maintain mineral levels in my ewes and lambs. I feel this gives me the edge on fertility and condition to get the best from my animals, and the results speak for themselves.” 

Neil’s flock of 1800 Swale Dale and Blackface Ewes, 500 ewe lambs and 50 Blue Face Leicester’s are kept in and around the peat rich areas of a deep natural basin where rainfall can reach multiples meters per year. “This type of soil combined with the high rainfall leaves the ground soft and of very poor mineral content, analysis for Selenium, Copper and Cobalt have shown near zero of late in the local area.” To reduce the risk of reduction in performance and to help lift condition Neil uses Optigain during the key periods of tupping, pre-lambing and post lambing in lambs and it is this practice which has contributed to increasing weaning percentages of up to 150% in the hill ewes. 

Neil, an active member of the South West Mule Group (www.southwestmulegroup.co.uk) started using Optigain following periods of poor success using alternative products. He made the change as he needed a high specification product which flowed readily through a variety of drench applicators. On making the change his positioning at competition level moved up a gear from repeated Top 3 positioning for 14 years to Top 2 and above in the last 3 years. “Knowing now that the product contains Vitamin E from Natural sources could explain a thing or two.” Says Neil.

Optigain provides ewes and rams with key vitamins and trace elements required for optimal condition and will also help improve fertility. Optigain is aimed at boosting performance and optimising immune status via a unique combination of natural Vitamin E, Selenium and a full complement of nutrients required to help support on-going performance in:

-        Ewes

-        Rams

-        Lambs  

Optigain is nutritionally balanced, designed to assist with:

·        Performance

·        Production

·        Fertility

·        Reducing incidence of disease challenge for ewes and rams


Optigain is specifically formulated to provide a range of:

·        Bio-available vitamins and trace elements

·        Natural antioxidants

·        Natural sources of Vitamin E



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