Protect your Lambs from disease threats

With early 2014 lamb prices ahead of 2013 levels, it’s important to make sure newborn lambs are vaccinated against pasteurellosis and the main clostridial diseases. 

If ewes are on the Heptavac-P Plus system and have been boosted in the run up to lambing then their lambs will also gain immunity from drinking her colostrum. This passive immunity only lasts for so long. Lambs that receive a good intake of colostrum have antibodies against pasteurella for up to four weeks and clostridia for up to 12 weeks. 

Lambs can be protected themselves by vaccination with either Heptavac-P Plus or Ovivac-P Plus from three weeks of age. The primary course involves two 2ml vaccinations 4-6 weeks apart. The first dose is a primer, while the second produces effective immunity. Animals to be kept for breeding (i.e. those previously vaccinated with Heptavac-P Plus) simply need a booster of Heptavac-P Plus within 12 months – given at the same time as the rest of the flock get their annual pre-lambing booster – with an annual booster 4-6 weeks before lambing every year thereafter.



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