Profit from 24.7 Bolus for Breeding ewes

Agrimin 24·7 Iodine · Selenium · Cobalt boluses for breeding ewes. Users from previous breeding seasons have reported:

More profit from increased lambing percentages

More profit from better lamb vitality

More profit from improved lamb weaning weights

Why should you use Agrimin 24·7?

·        It is known that the lamb’s thyroid gland is formed early on in pregnancy. It is vital to supplement to ewe with iodine over this period - Agrimin 24·7 has the highest supply of iodine of any sheep bolus on the market. 

·        Users report lambing % increases of between 5 and 20%. At a cost of just over £1 per ewe, 2 extra lambs from 100 ewes more than pays for the cost of the bolus. 

·        Survivability rates of lambs born to mothers given boluses are much higher. Maternal transfer of trace elements during pregnancy being the reason for this. 

·        Users report lamb weights at weaning to be up to 2kg more than lambs born to unsupplemented mothers.

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