High Septoria disease

Very active Septoria on ALL crops, with visual severity clearer on early drilled crops, but nevertheless present in sufficient quantities on later drilled crops to cause serious infection in the next 2 weeks.

We don’t need a lot of rain to move the disease on short crops, since leaf rub is a main route of transfer. In some crops, active Septoria on leaf 4 is adjacent to emerging leaf 2 – which will become infected as it emerges 

Leaves above those with active lesions are now likely to be riddled with latent mycelium and with current temps/daylength/N flushes – you can expect this to become visible in a week – especially if T0s missed and T1s poorly timed/constructed.

Remember latency lasts 10-20 days, and if extended the whole leaf can become infected without much more than slight chlorotic flecks. It can switch to full blown visible sporulating lesions in 5 days.

You only need ONE SPORE to form a lesion and each pycnidia produced MILLIONS of spores.

Once lesions are formed on the flag leaf, it’s too late.

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