Sheep Health this Spring

Sheep have had a tough 12 months weather and will need looking after this Spring.

Many Ewes are in poor condition and low quality forage & high levels of Fluke are causing problems

Nematodirus threat to Lambs—Mean UK temperatures for December to February have been average this season followed by a very cold March. This suggests a late hatch and a high risk of Nematodirosis this spring. Using faecal egg count monitoring to time Nematodirus treatments is very risky because disease is primarily caused by the developing larvae, and significant damage can occur before eggs, produced by adults, appear in the faeces.

Speak to your RM JONES Rep or Farmcentre for the best choice of wormer

Coccidiosis risk may also be high this year due to the high levels of stress in lambs 

Clostridial disease & Pasteurella— Clostridial cover from colostrum normally lasts for 12 weeks and Pasteurella 6 weeks. However Ovivac P may be needed earlier for the lambs this year as passive immunity for the ewe may have been compromised due to poor ewe condition

Fluke—still a major problem and will need a treatment after lambing



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