Stamp out Scab

ADAS consultants, specialist entomologists and veterinary surgeons will be delivering a training and awareness campaign on Sheep Scab on behalf of Eblex (AHDB). The project, funded by RDPE, will be delivered throughout 2013. The aim is to reach all those involved in sheep production, including farmers, vets, agricultural suppliers, Trading Standards officers, shearers, scanners, hauliers, auctioneers etc. Clear and consistent messages will be delivered to ensure that the whole industry works together to reduce the impact of sheep scab. Training events will be organised across England and will start in March. Dates will be advertised in the Sheep Farmer and other publications. There will be 26 events for allied service providers, 40 meetings for farmers and 16 events for vets and SQPs. Vets who attend the training will be paid to deliver a meeting in their local area.


The incidence of sheep scab has increased steadily since deregulation of compulsory dipping in 1992 and in some areas scab is now an endemic problem. If everyone takes their share of responsibility for the problem then it should be possible to reduce the costs of control and improve animal welfare and performance.






Key messages Flock security – keep the disease out!

Diagnosis – is it lice or scab?

Treatment – use an effective product and follow the manufacturer’s advice

Consider the impact of treatment on anthelmintic resistance


If you are interested in taking part in the training then please contact ADAS
on 01432 820444

Kate Phillips and Dy Webb of ADAS will be happy to speak to you about the project.
Or email: stampoutscab@adas.co.uk

We have a Scab notification line at Bristol University where outbreaks of scab can be reported to help us identify where the disease is and where particular effort needs to focussed: stampoutscab@gmail.com

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