Poor Scanning results

Investigate poor scanning results and don’t assume they are SBV-related.

NSA is hearing of reports from some scanners in some regions (definitely not all scanners in all regions) of high levels of empty ewes. With Schmallenberg (SBV) high on people’s minds it is easy to relate the two – and reports of this may well appear in the press in the coming week or more. However it is too early to jump to conclusions on this and with the weather experienced over the spring, summer and autumn it is clear that the health of some ewes is compromised through less than ideal nutrition and a high internal parasite burden, particularly liver fluke.

This is a year when testing and monitoring of dung samples and bloods could pay off even more than usual to pick up problems quickly and accurately and treat accordingly. Blood-testing for SBV will not give a clear picture relating to empty ewes as antibodies could have been present for some time.


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