Are Your Ewes Fit for Tupping?

Downland UK has also produced some Tupping golden rules for producers keen to maximise production potential come lambing time:

  • Keep ewes in body condition score 2.5 rising 3.5 at tupping time for lowland breeds or 3.0 for hill breeds

  • Keep the ewes as far away as possible from the rams well before tupping starts

  • If the sheep have to be handled for any reason, handle the rams at the end of the day.

  • Flush ewes on rested pasture from two weeks prior to tupping

  • Consider supplementary feeding using Sheep Natural Energy tubs from two weeks pre-tupping and for six weeks whilst tups are working to those groups that need it

  • A week before tupping starts saturate the holding pens with rams so they urinate in them, then remove the rams and bring the ewes into the pens, tail the ewes with a dressing comb and worm them

Tups will also benefit from some special attention before they go to work.


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