Liver Fluke Warning

This year’s weather will have drastically increased the potential for fluke problems over the late summer, autumn and winter.


Liver Fluke


The same liver fluke affects cattle and sheep causing severe clinical disease, or even death, and costs both industries millions of pounds every year in lost productivity.


Higher risk than ever before


Reported liver fluke cases have increased in recent years:

  • VLA have reported a significant rose in both acute and chronic fluke disease in sheep investigated in recent years acute liver fluke.


No Safe Regions


Liver fluke is now found throughout the UK. Previously less affected areas such as East Anglia and southeast Scotland can no longer be regarded as safe.


Liver Fluke Lifecycle


The liver Fluke has two main phases to its lifecycle occurring inside and outside the animal.


Economic Impact



  • Live weight gain reduced by more than 10%.
  • Multiple births reduced by 10%.



  • Birth weight reduced by more than 5%.
  • Lamb weight gain reduced by up to 30%.
  • Lambing percentage reduced by 20%.


Acute Fluke Disease

  • Caused by immature and early immature fluke.
  • Large numbers of immature fluke (500-1,000) can cause sudden unexpected death of ewes and lambs.
  • Liver damage can cause the classic sign of acute fluke disease, “bottle jaw” and predispose livestock to death from Black’s disease.


Dealing with Liver Fluke is becoming more difficult to deal with and the choice of chemicals more important, speak to your RM Jones rep or Farmcentre for the best advice.



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