Crop Services

R M Jones Agricultural Chemists work with Masstock UK. We are distributors for all key agrochemical manufacturers, ensuring our agronomists can use the widest range of new and established chemistry to deliver profitable crops to our customers.

We employ a team of qualified Agronomists who are supported by the Masstock technical team. Our aim is to provide the best agronomy advice in the Welsh Border Counties working solely in the farmer's interest.

Our Agronomy service is FREE of charge and provides advice on the following:

  • Accurate & Regular Crop Walking Service
  • Prompt Product Delivery
  • Rotational Planning & Crop Budgeting
  • Soil & Forage testing & analysis
  • Crop variety selection
  • Fertiliser selection & Nutritional advice
  • Crop Pest & Disease diagnosis and treatments
  • NRoSO operator training courses
  • Environmental stewardship scheme (ELS) applications
  • Precision farming
  • Finance

Seed – we supply Masterseeds which are produced to rigorous standards. In seed we have always believed in “Quality in – Quality out” because seed forms the foundations on which profitable crops are built.

Our aim is to generate profit for our farming customers

To find out more about our crop services, please visit one of our Farmcentres or phone or email us.

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